My name is Cameron. I have an amazing wife (Jamie) and three wonderful kids; Kimber, Ella and Axton. My wife is currently pregnant with our fourth child on the way! She is due October 2022. I was born in West Valley City in 1991. I was brought home by my dad (Craig) and my mom (Sheralene) to our home in Tooele, Utah. I was fortunate enough to grow up in the same home my entire life. I went to three different schools; one for elementary, one for middle school and one for high school. I would say I was very fortunate. After graduating high school, I served an LDS mission in the lovely state of Arizona. I loved my experience in Phoenix and the surrounding cities. I was taught valuable lessons on how to be a person and how to communicate with people. My love for helping people really grew while I was serving the people of Arizona. I’ve tried to turn my passion of service to people into a lifelong career in multiple different ways!

I’ve taken my passion of helping people and have really tried to apply it wherever I could. I’m a fulltime firefighter/EMT and I love every minute of it. I love that I can assist people in their darkest times when they feel the need to call 911. I can try to take their experience they are having and help them turn it around and help them feel safe. I’ve chosen to do the same thing in the Mortgage Industry. You might ask, “how is that the same as someone calling 911 because they have a life-threatening emergency?” Well, I see it very similarly. As someone that has been in bad financial positions before, it can be very debilitating. Being in a bad financial state, can put you into a critical way of thinking that can lead to serious depression. That is where I want to help. What is one thing that is always one some ones mind? Yeah! Their money. For me, I am always thinking about where I am going to go to get the rest I need to make ends meet.. I’ve had to amazing opportunity to work with some really great Loan Officers. Because of their dedication and commitment, it has eased the burden of my finances. I want to provide the same benefit to others and help them survive. Financially survive.