Hello! I guess you could say I am from equal parts California and Utah at this point because I have lived half of my life in both. I am from San Francisco, the city of my heart, and I have raised my family in Utah, the state of outdoor wonders. If I am honest, my heart is also in Denver, Portland, and Vancouver (WA). All of these are family to me. I have four amazing kids who I treasure. Three are attending the University of Utah, and my youngest is in high school. I believe in hard work and finding happiness wherever you are.

I have a Bachelor’s degree in Sociology and a minor in Business. I have been in the real estate industry since 2014, where I was a top producer as a real estate agent beginning in my rookie year. In reality, I feel like I have been linked to real estate my whole life. I have vivid memories of countless homes we toured with my parents starting when I was in elementary school. We only had one major move growing up so I am still not sure why my parents were forever looking at homes but it was important to them. Where we lived mattered. How our home was designed and what it felt like inside, mattered. I even remember the first and last name of my parents’ realtor, how funny is that? We looked at A LOT of homes. And in case you are wondering, I can tell you from firsthand experience that the hot color for interior design in the 80s was apricot (my parents were obsessed).

Other than my family and friends, the great love of my life is travel. I have been throughout Europe and Scandinavia as well as Guatemala and Mexico. I have also visited many of the great states in our country. But after all of that, other than San Francisco, I could live and die in San Diego!

Earlier in my career I had the amazing opportunity to be involved in brand building. Creating something from an initial idea through product creation, packaging design, marketing materials and beyond has been exhilarating! One of my specific areas of interest was content writing. Seeing a product through the eyes of the consumer and creating a message that speaks directly to them has prompted some great brainstorming about the importance of being client-focused in all areas of business and, specifically, working as a mortgage broker in a way that puts my clients’ outcomes first, always. I have experience with conventional, VA, USDA, first time homebuyer, and Jumbo loans. I have worked with salaried/hourly clients, self-employed clients, investor clients, and retirees. I love the opportunity to help my clients build real estate wealth.

What you can expect from me as your mortgage broker:

  • I answer my phone
  • I have a relentless drive to learn and to pass that expertise on to my clients through keeping up with cutting edge industry knowledge and insight
  • Every $ matters: I will always work to protect your hard-earned money and to get you the most value
  • I provide open communication with you through closing
  • I have surrounded myself with a 5-star team so you can depend on superior service. Every time.

I look forward to meeting you!