Hello! I was born and raised here in Utah and have lived in the state my whole life. I grew up in Tooele, UT and relocated to Spanish Fork, UT after graduating high school. I currently live in Spanish Fork with my wife, Mikal, and our daughter, Dakota. We have two border collies (Zeke & Zoe), and one fat cat (Cosmo). As a family we like spending time together at the park, camping, movies, and visiting with extended family.

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Sports are one of my biggest passions and hobbies. I love to watch and play anytime I get the chance. I have had BYU football season tickets since I was 8 years old and rarely miss a game! Some other teams that I follow are the Utah Jazz and New York Giants.

I completed some of my studies at Utah State University while I was still in high school in Tooele, and then transferred to Utah Valley University after high school graduation to complete my education in finance and business management.

I have worked in many different roles in Banking since 2008, when I started work as a teller at Pacific Horizon Credit Union. In 2012, I had the opportunity to move up to being a loan officer at Chartway Federal Credit Union. During my 5 years at Chartway, I was able to serve in multiple roles, primarily as Loan Officer, Utah Service Manager, and Branch Manager.

In 2017, I was recruited by Pacific Horizon to return as an Operations Manager, a move that allowed me to get more involved in the loan process. I was able to gain experience in processing and underwriting all my loans, as well as having the chance to assist newer loan officers on their underwriting.

I made the jump into being a Mortgage Loan Officer in August 2020, when I was recruited by one of my Pacific Horizon Credit Union clients. I truly am grateful to have been recruited into the mortgage world, and I have loved learning everything I can along the way. I recently received additional mortgage training from Xinnix, The Mortgage Academy. Xinnix consisted of 300 hours of course study, 70 lessons covering the mortgage industry, 25 comprehensive case studies, and 2 rigorous 3-hour certification exams. Getting my XCO “Xinnix Certified Originator” certificate gave me the jump start that I needed in the mortgage industry, and confidence to know how to assist my friends, family, and clients.

I am so excited to have joined Luneta Home Loans! Being here gives me the keys to be successful, and most of all – take care of all my clients! Being a broker, I have the power to ensure that my clients receive excellent care with great rates and programs!

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