My name is Steve Perry, I am a proud homeowner and resident of Eagle Mountain Utah. I have a beautiful wife (Charity). We have been married for just over 5 years. I am the second oldest of 5 siblings. I grew up in Pleasant Grove for most of my young and teenage years. I went to Timpview High School in Provo where I found a girlfriend who eventually became my wife. I served a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints in Guatemala. After coming home I attended BYU and graduated in April of 2020 with a degree in Global Studies.

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I have been working in Banking and Lending for several years. I currently work for Luneta Home Loans in Pleasant Grove as a Mortgage Loan Officer. I chose this career because I feel like I can most broadly help many people. Most individuals and families are not very good with their finances and don’t understand mortgages and other aspects of how lending and credit actually work. In fact, the leading cause for divorce in America is due to financially related difficulties.

As a young person I decided early that I would learn to be good at finances. My wife and I have learned to save and invest our money regularly and consistently and I teach others to do the same. We most recently bought a rental property which has provided a new source of monthly cash flow to our family. Planning and executing these decisions have blessed us greatly. The largest asset most people will acquire in their lifetime is their home. With such a large financial decision it’s important to meet with a mortgage professional to consider rates and options whenever purchasing or refinancing.

My favorite experience was when I helped a young single mother refinance her mortgage. She worked at a dental practice as a receptionist in Salt Lake and had very limited income to work with. She had large amounts of debt, including mortgage, credit cards, personal loans and a car loan. Her payments were becoming too much to handle. I was able to meet with her and come up with a plan to refinance her home. In this plan we were able to use the equity in her home to pay off all of her debts and consolidate them into her mortgage.

Through this refinance we dropped her overall payments from approximately $2,500 a month to just under $1,500 a month. This saved her over $1,000 a month in cash flow to help her buy the things she needed for her young kids. I also dropped the term on her mortgage from 22 years left down to only 15 years which will help her pay off the mortgage 8 years earlier than expected. Lastly, this refinance saved her over $82,000 in interest and made her free from all her credit cards, car and personal loans!

You can see why I like my job! Let’s chat to see if a mortgage or refinance makes sense for you

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