I grew up moving from country to country almost every 2 years as a kid. Germany, Turkey, Texas, Japan, Germany (again), Arizona, and then finally Dallas, Texas for all of high school, which made it seem like home since that was the longest I had lived in one place up to that point. I participated in football, baseball, and track, but they all took a backseat to the 2nd greatest love of my life which I still enjoy today, the electric guitar.  I played in a hard rock band in high school, then another in college, then a church band, and recently a dance cover band.  My first greatest love is of course my wife and kids, and their growing families.

Why work with me? I’ve been licensed in mortgages since 2006, and previous of that another 10 years in a finance role in the auto industry.  I seem to have the knack of explaining some of the complexities of mortgages in laymen’s terms as well as offer advice in navigating the markets, which can put the first-time homeowner at ease as well as structure a long-term game plan depending on your goals.