Hero NextDoor Home Buying Program

Our Way of Helping those Who Help All of Us... Thank You

Who is This For?


(Active, Reserves,

and Veterans)

Heroes NextDoor Will Receive:

  1. Appraisal Rebate at Closing – about $500-600
  2. Waived Underwriting Fee – about $1,000
  3. Real Estate Agent Rebate of $1,000 towards Closing Costs
  4. Discounted Credit Repair (if needed)


Our Heroes typically save approximately $2,500 through this program in addition to our below market mortgage rates. This program can be combined with other standard loan products, such as conventional, Jumbo, VA, FHA, USDA, and even grants and some down payment assistance programs.


We are always looking for more partners to find additional savings. Your Real Estate Agent must be registered with Luneta Home Loans to ensure you receive the Realtor Rebate. We have a network of registered agents, but we are always growing. If your Agent is interested in registering, please pass along our information. We do not offer credit repair services. The discounted credit repair is through a partner of ours.


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Why Are We Doing This?

We are asked this very often. There are two main reasons. First, we are in your community. You have likely helped either one of our families, or a family that we know. This is our way of saying thanks. Second, we see this as a way to build more relationships. We will do a fantastic job on your loan. When we do, we hope that you will refer your friends and family to use us as well. Referrals are free, and they help us out tremendously! This is how we make our money back on this program, and we hope that you consider referring your friends and family!


From our small team here at Luneta Home Loans…

Thank You!

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