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Why Luneta Home Loans?


“Our Mission is to Prioritize Education and Transparency for not only consumers, but also for employees and Realtors.

We believe that providing the Best Rates, Best Service, and the Best Home Loan will result in Happy Clients for life who refer their friends and family!”

– Braxton Young, Founder

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Mortgage Broker

We are mortgage brokers, and we work for you – not the bank. This means that we shop not only banks and lenders that you could call yourself, but also wholesale lenders that don’t have sales teams that you could call. Essentially, we have access to rate sheets that other companies don’t.

This model allows us to give you personalized service with extremely fast closings. Throughout COVID, our average submission to clear to close was under 10 days! This is at a time where big banks were taking 90+ days with worse rates.

“Well, don’t you just ‘bake it in’?” – Nope! The difference is that we don’t have the overhead of lenders and banks origination staff. They offer wholesale rates to use, and we can operate at a smaller margin than the big bank’s staff to offer better rates to you!

We also offer countless products and can find the program that will work best for you and your family. Normal banks and lenders have internal overlays that can create hiccups in the process (such as higher credit score requirements, self employed, etc.). We work with companies that don’t have any internal overlays, and others that have better rates but some overlays. We can look at your situation and decide what will be the most beneficial route for you.


100% Independently Owned

We want you to have the best experience possible. We’re not stuffing investor’s pockets. We don’t have corporate overhead. Simply put, the owners live in your community and want the best for it.


Client for Life Mentality

Our priority is you. Selfishly, this benefits us in the long run. If you absolutely love us, you will leave reviews, refer us to family and friends, and we will be your first call when you check on rates or buy a new home! This saves us advertising dollars by gaining free visibility, so it’s in our best interest to give you the best experience! This is why we offer all of our clients free tools to monitor their home’s value to help give them more education on their home and the market.


Okay, but How do We Make Money?

Mortgages are more complex than what our clients see. There’s a lot that goes on behind the scenes, and even after you close. Since we are fully transparent, we’ll always explain these figures to you and even let you know how much we make on a loan. Feel free to reach out if you want a more in depth explanation or more info on the mortgage industry.

The simple explanation is that the wholesale lenders and investors that we use to underwrite and fund the loan are the ones that compensate us for originating, processing, and organizing your loan. You don’t pay us anything.

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