I’m Heather Ohman, known as ‘Heather Ohman Mortgage Expert,’ where ‘HOME’ symbolizes the heart of your homebuying journey, and I’m your trusted guide.
My journey began as a Realtor, granting me invaluable insights into the real estate world. I’ve personally purchased and refinanced my own homes, making me intimately aware of the trials and joys of homeownership. My educational foundation in interdisciplinary studies combines business management and communication, equipping me with the knowledge to navigate the financial aspects of real estate transactions.

I don’t just work in mortgages; I’m hands-on with home improvement, from building basements to DIY projects. This dedication to craftsmanship extends to my role as a Loan Originator—I’m committed to tailoring the best mortgage solutions for your unique needs.

Beyond my career, I cherish my role as a mother to three almost-adult daughters and two beloved dogs, Dwight and Angela. As a motorcycle enthusiast and avid traveler, I’m constantly seeking new adventures, whether it’s kayaking in tranquil waters or exploring the beauty of mountains and oceans.
I’ve lived in CA, ID, AZ, and GA, but Utah is where my roots run deep. I’m passionately committed to helping you achieve your homeownership dreams right here.

Let’s embark on this journey together, where ‘HOME’ is not just a place, but a promise of expert guidance in achieving your homeownership goals.